My name is Donna Lorenz Motta. I am a professional writer and voice over talent. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications & Media Arts, and a Master’s Degree in Professional & Promotional Writing.

My books can be found on Amazon in the following formats: ebook, print, and audio. As on air radio & television talent for the past thirty years, I narrate my own work. I invite you to check out the first book in the Oxman series called First Do Harm.

My second book is titled The House with the Broken Glass – to be released in June of 2019.

I primarily write adult suspense fiction. My life philosophy: Enjoy every present moment. My favorite color: Blue. My favorite genre: Mystery. My favorite book – All of them. I am the proverbial book worm. Words are my life. And if it wasn’t for readers like you, there wouldn’t be authors like me.

Thanks for checking out my site. I hope you enjoy my blogs and “Tips & Tricks” of how to successfully self-publish your work too. Enjoy!